"Market Under The Trees"

1.     All dealers must check in at the office unless they are monthly paid in advance. Dealers         are responsible for keeping North Lake Market informed of current address and         phone number.

2.     Permanent dealers must pay rent at the office when due and be set up by 8:00 a.m. If               not set up or satisfactory arrangements made, your space will be re-rented and no                  credit given for failing to attend.

3.     If management has to chase down rent, there will be a $20.00 additional service fee.

4.     In order to qualify for Sunday free, you must pay in advance and be set up on Friday                and Saturday. In order to qualify as a monthly dealer you must pay in advance.

5.     You are not permitted to occupy any table other than the ones you have rented.

6.     If you set up in a 5 table section, you will be charged for 5 tables. No sets will be split.             For example, the 5 table sections are numbered B-1a through B-1e (or whatever                      section you are in: B, C, D, etc.).

7.     Dealers shall not move any tables.

8.     Dealers are not allowed to set up their own tables unless they are in a field space or               RV section.

9.     All pets are to be kept on a leash in your rented booth or space and are not allowed to            run in common areas or any other rented space.

10.    All dealers are expected to keep their areas clean.

11.   No dealer is allowed to use the dumpster for articles they cannot sell. If you bring it                 to the market, you must haul it out of the market for disposal. The dumpster is for                     management to empty garbage containers after market is closed and for cleaning the             market. The area around the dumpster is not a place to put garbage when the can is                full. Anyone caught doing this will be assessed a $20.00 fee. If your section has trash              in it when you leave, you will be charged $20.00. On the second offense you will not be           permitted back in the market.

12.   No electric is provided unless arrangements have been made with the management.              Hooking up to electric without paying in advance will result in an additional $25.00                   service charge. Space heaters and air conditioners are prohibited unless a service               charge is paid in advance and a tag from Management is affixed. Hooking up to a                 trailer, camper, or vehicle is absolutely prohibited unless approved by Management 
        Unauthorized hookup to a camper, trailer, or vehicle will be deemed criminal theft and
        there will also be a $250.00 charge.

13.   Dealers assume full liability for any property brought to flea market grounds and                      indemnifies market for any loss incurred by market. Dealer assumes liability for the use          of the property and indemnifies and holds North Lake Market harmless for all                           liability and damage suffered by Dealer.

14.   All dealers are responsible for charging, collecting, and reporting Florida sales tax.

15.   All tables, with the exception of dealers renting monthly, are on a first come, first                     served basis.

16.   Market will not be responsible for articles left in the market. No articles shall be left
        on tables unless the tables are paid for.

17.   All dealers are required to give name, address, phone number, and sales tax number to         management.

18.   To be eligible for drawings, when applicable, you must be set up and open for business         on the full market day of the drawing.

19.   No firearms are permitted.

20.   No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

21.   Prepared food service vendors must have special permission to set up.

22.   Dealers are subject to losing any reservation if they do not open for business for full              market days.

23.   If merchandise is left on table overnight and you fail to show up the following day, you            will be charged for table rental and North Lake Market can assume the merchandise                can be disposed of.

24.   All dealers are expected to be respectful to co-workers and customers. 
        (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.)

25.   Breach of flea market rules or failure to pay shall cause your right to set up to be                     canceled immediately, and management reserves the right to immediately re-rent your           spot to another vendor.

26.   Any items left on tables or stalls with rent not paid in advance, becomes the property of         the flea market to dispose of however they see fit.

27.   North Lake Market is not responsible for damage or theft of items at the market.

28.   If you are a food vendor, this must be disclosed before renting tables or space. All food         vendors must have proper papers as determined by Management.

29.   All spaces on front row shall be open during market hours to allow visibility from the               highway unless arrangements have been made with the Management. The intent is to             raise all tarps and screens so there is visibility through the front row to the back rows.


North Lake Market, Inc.
By Management

Effective: 5/1/18